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Words of Wisdom from The North County Writers Bloc

* Relive your scenes (after you’ve written them) to strengthen them.

*Be an actor, imagine your character.

*Heat up the core of your scene, strengthen the weak points.

*Adjust the pace. Dialogue picks it up as do short sentences.

*A sentence with the word “fact” in it is a bad sentence.

*A good plot goes forward, gets blocked, goes forward, gets blocked, etc.

*When you change from one POV to another, start the new section with

action by the new POV character.

*Don’t use “very” unless it’s a character tag in dialogue.

*Don’t start your story, a scene, or a chapter with a passive sentence (subject does not do the action).

*”Was” is okay only if it’s part of a verb.

*Three commas means your sentence is too long.

*Avoid, if possible: now; then; stood, felt; sat; noticed; looked; thought:


*Use “I started” instead of “I began to”.

*Always spell out “okay”.

*If you have two donkeys, make sure they both survive.

*People don’t speak in complete sentences.

*If you have a scene revolving around two characters, take one out and see

how it sounds.

*When editing, take out as many “ly” words as you can.

*It’s all about the body. Break up dialogue with body action.

*Describe a character the first time you introduce them, but don’t over


*The road to hell is paved with adverbs.

*It’s okay to start a scene with a place.

*Join and attend a critique group regularly and prepare for it with your best


*Establish a writing schedule, daily weekly.

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