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Riding on the Wind

1998, Avenue Publishing Company

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Sixteen year-old Carrie Sutton lives in exciting times; it is1860 Wyoming, the Civil War is heating up and the Pony Express is making its inaugural run. Carrie yearns to be one of the Pony Express riders and own the spirited black stallion, Outlaw, one of the finest of the Express horses. To realize her dream, Carrie must convince her widowed and fearful stepmother, and overcome the resistance of the sinister Pony Express supervisor, Captain Joe Slade. Before her adventure is over Carrie encounters a mysterious Indian, helps to expose a secret society, endures loss and finds love in unexpected places, and grows from a wild-eyed girl to a self-assured young woman.

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Outlaws book by Brix McDonaldOutlaws

2012, Brix McDonald 

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In her search for her horse, Outlaw, Carrie Sutton journeys from her ranch in the Wyoming Territory to the California Gold Coast. Traveling with a small band of Shoshone Indians, the journey takes many weeks. Along the way they survive many dangers and meet friends, old and new. In California Carrie is tricked into being an accomplice to the infamous bandito, Joaquin Murietta and is caught up in an adventure of a lifetime.

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